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Event Support - Need help with Audio / Video at an event or presentation? Need someone to record the event, or setup and make sure the audio and/or video equipment is working and up to par? We are able and available, regardless of your location, to come out and handle your Event needs. Video conversions - We can convert from VHS, 8MM/Super 8/Hi 8 Cassettes, and DVC to DVD or digital files. Audio Conversions - Do you need your audio files converted or your audio cassettes placed on a CD? We now have the capability of doing this for you. Image Conversions - Allow us to convert your closet full of slides, negatives, and pictures to digital and place them on a CD or DVD for you. Floppy to CD - Do you have old 3.5" floppies laying around? We can now transfer these to CD for you. Custom Built Desktops - Even if you don't want any prebuilt machines, we can customize a machine for you and piece together the perfect computer. We even do the research to find the parts as cheap as possible!

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