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Consultation - Give us an opportunity to consult with you to show you how having on-call IT support can save you money. Our IT support contracts can get as low as $25/hour. Hardware / Software - Are your computers operating as optimally as they can? Let us check out the hardware and/or the software to verify the latest updates have been applied to software, and allow us to recommend upgrades to your hardware to make sure they are as productive as possible. We can also troubleshoot any issues you may be having with your current set up. Networking - Let us handle your network for you. Whether you need to have your computers all connected to a domain, or you need to secure the network to provide access to users to certain folders. Infection Detection and Removal - Downtime, because of malicious software and infections, can be extremely frustrating. We can help get you back up and going in as little time as possible should the unforeseen happen. Security - Security is one of your top priorities as a business. We can make sure your network and computers are running as secure as possible to prevent unauthorized access. Audio / Video - Do you need security cameras set up or does your current DVR setup not work? Let us help you with your surveillance camera needs. Remote Support - With our remote support, we can assist anytime and are literally just a phone call away! Training - Do you need your employees up to speed on the newest software? Allow us the opportunity to train them. Point of Sale – Whether you are setting up a new POS system, or would prefer a local consultant to handle your current set up, we are here for you. Kiosks - When your kiosk goes down, does the company who supplied it have a local tech to come take a look? If not, allow us to get in touch with them for you to see how we can minimize as much downtime for the kiosk as possible by providing the support needed on the machine. Design - Logos, Flyers, Brochures, Websites... Allow us to handle your design needs!

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